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Examples of Serverless Computing

Most of the online business problems are solved by coding. Developers have to spend hours and ask to solve the issues by coding on computers. The team has to figure out to get the code to run and the computer they have to run the code. The team has to see whether the computer is working correctly and smoothly or not.

So, coding can be done quickly. Now this problem is solved because of lots of inventions in the IT sector. They have invented machines on which coding can run smoothly without so much of tensions.

Virtual machines, Cloud Computing, containers have been developed to run coding. Nowadays, serverless computing is prevalent as coding can run without knowing anything about hardware or operating system. The service provider takes this care.

Serverless computing

Serverless computing is a method for the cloud in which cloud provider effectively assigns and only charges for the computing resources and storage needed to run the code to the user. The server is necessary to run code, but provisioning and maintenance are all taken care of by the service provider.

Service computing is also said as function-as-a-service offering that means a customer writes a coding related to business logic and uploads it to a provider. Then, that provider takes care of all the hardware functions of virtual machines and container management.

Serverless functions are started by requesting for coding. Serverless computing helps the business to focus on their goals of the code they write rather than thinking about machines and operating systems. You will have to pay only for the code you execute on the computer.

Core serverless technologies are there, which helps in running programs efficiently and coding smoothly. Core serverless technologies need a scalable platform to run the code with a workflow solution. Some of the examples of core serverless technologies are:

  1. Azure functions
  2. Amazon step
  3. Azure logic apps
  4. Amazon Lambda
  5. Cloud functions
  6. Cloud pub/sub
  7. Cloud

1. Azure serverless

This technology helps increase your business value by saving time and resources spent on infrastructure or operating systems. As your serverless solution is to boost developer productivity, enhance resources, and increase innovation speed. As your serverless computing eliminates the need to manage infrastructure in which coding is run. This function executes code written in any language.

2. AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda helps in running the code smoothly without thinking of managing service. The best thing is that you have to pay only for the code you run or the time you have taken to run the code. You can execute the coding Virtually. You have to upload the code, and Lambda takes care of everything required to run and scale your code. You can also set up your code to automatically trigger other AWS services or any web on the mobile app. With AWS Lambda, you were charged for every 100ms your code runs and the number of times your code runs; this means you have to pay for the time you consume to run the code.

3. Cloud functions

Cloud functions are used for serverless computing programs that connect to cloud services. Cloud is a simple single-purpose function that is joined to events emitted from Cloud infrastructure or services. The code you right is executed in a fully managed environment. You can set a trigger whenever you have to run the code without provisioning and infrastructure for taking tension for the server.

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